My Soul-Called Life
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Name: Kevin J. Verzani
birthday: February 15
age: 31
occupation: High School English Teacher
fav. tv show: Law and Order, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
fav. movies: Casaldamea, Blade Runner, Citizen Kane, Chariots of Fire
fav. actress/actor: Audrey Hepburn, Humphry Bogat, Harrison Ford
fav. villain: Dr. Evil (picture at the top)
fav. cartoon character: The Tick, Ralph-from the Simpsons
fav. baseball team: Dodgers...just kidding he didn't write that....Anaheim Angels
fav. music group: DC Talk, Whiteheart, Newsboys
fav. ride at Disneyland: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
fav. Sanrio character: Bad Badtz Maru
pet moment: One time when we had people over our Siberian Husky, Mizuno went #2 in the living room where many people were seated.
embarassing moment: One time my friend and I were having a "fart" contest on my front lawn. When I stood up, and I let one go, a neighbor walked by and heard my "noise". What made it "real" embarrassing is I baby sat her kids at the time. They never called me to babysit after that.
happiest moment: When my dad accepted Christ before he passed away!
what do you like to do in your spare time?:Correct essays (ha-ha), read, play volleyball
what you like most about Under Construction?:
The energy! The excitement!
How important is being on time and on task for the youth group? (asked by Keri Kaba): for the youth group
When did you start coming to CBC?: 5 years ago 1993
when did you start helping out in the youth group?: 1994
When did you become a Christian?: Sept. 7, 1988 - at San Jose State University
Finish this sentence...
I love... Jesus, I do! I love JESUS how 'bout you?!
If I won the lottery I would... be amazed, because I don't play the lottery.
I hate it when... people don't use their turn signal when they drive-especially if I'm behind them.
I love it when... I reach into my pocket after my clothes have been washed and I find a dollar or five dollars I forgot was in my pocket-I scream "yeah, yeah"
I am the master at... Making people laugh and Pounce!! Despite what Keri Kaba says! :
When it comes to making dinner to eat it.

Wow! I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but school was fun today!!! It was I dunno why, but it just was...i guess cause I didn't really do anything. Especially Japanese Club! We did so much huh Eric! :) Can you believe it school's almost over and all you juniors are gonna be seniors!!! And you sophomore's are gonna be juniors and us freshmen are gonna be sophomore's. I don't want to be a sophomore, because it seems real boring, cause you can do anything when you're a freshmen!!!...well, sorta. I know that some of you youth leaders are excited that Aya and Lorin's coming to the group! ha ha! :)
This newsletter is dedicated to Mr. Verzani, because I picked his paper from the pile! :) Some of you sadly see him every day at school :) just kidding! :) He's married to Diane, and if you don't know who Diane is then um...then you don't know who she is! :) So here's a lil about Mr. Kevin Verzani.
Wasn't that interesting! especially that lil "noise"! :) I don't know about you, but I've been listening to the CD Grace made like almost every day! Wow just a lil a lot. Not a lot a lot a lot. Which reminds me that we now have a CD library! You can check one out for about 2-3 weeks! You can help make the collection grow by becoming apart of the lil sorta almost free club. Just ask Mr. Fukanaga about it.
Somebody's graduating!!! hm...i wonder who it could be??? Actually some people....well, 2 people! :) k guess the first one...just guess!!! :) awe that's a cute lil smile!!! how cute! :) (: hee hee :) Well, i'll tell you if you can't guess, but I bet you know who they are already though. They are Keri Kaba and Chris Fukanaga!!! Keri's graduating from high school and Crit is graduating from Seminary. If you don't know what Seminary is it's college that you go to after college to learn more about God. It's like Biola sorta, but not really, cause it's after wards...get it? well, ask him :) THAT IS SO CUTE!!! Keri Kaba is a senior that will soon be going to the school that she wanted to go to...UCLA...she was originally going to goto Berekly, but she just found out a while ago that she got excepted to UCLA...their school colors are nice! :) THAT'S NOT SO CUTE ANY MORE, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT CUTE! :) hee hee! :) I don't really know what Crit is gonna do I can't really say anything, but i'm pretty sure that he's gonna be serving God through the youth group.
The website is almost finished!!! I just have to make a website for jr. high ...oh ya! I changed the title! It's not R.I.O.T. anymore!!! It's called CBC Youth! :) hee hee! :)

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